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1.HORIZONE PP Technology

New HORIZONE 300KTA plant (Kashima, Japan)
New HORIZONE 300KTA plant (Kashima, Japan)

Japan Polypropylene Corporation (JPP) has a long and wide experience in the polypropylene business, and has developed excellent polypropylene manufacturing technology. The JPP HORIZONE Process (formerly known as the JNC Petrochemical Corporation Gas Phase PP Process) is the result of this development.
JPP succeed this HORIZONE PP technology licensing business. We keep on licensing our sophisticated technology internationally.
This technology features:

  • A simplified gas phase process that incorporates two horizontal reactors, each operated using mild mechanical agitation.
  • Heat removal is accomplished by evaporation of liquid propylene.
  • Production of a wide range of superior quality products, especially impact copolymers and In Reactor-TPOs (R-TPO).
  • Utilizes a catalyst that features high activity, high stereo regularity and excellent particle morphology.

The JPP state-of-the-art HORIZONE PP technology can help you to develop new PP product areas for your business.

2.Process Features

This combination of superior JPP process capability and proprietary catalyst provides the following advantages.

  • A narrow powder residence time distribution is achieved in the reactor by “Plug Flow Powder Movement.”
  • Efficient energy consumption and economical operating cost.
  • High polymer product throughput with a minimum quantity of production transition material.
  • Excellent stable reactor operation.
  • Excellent product production quality control with superior product uniformity.
  • Low investment requirement and attractive operating costs.

The JPP HORIZONE Process can also produce high rubber content, up to 60 wt%, impact copolymer “R-TPO” products, which are highly suitable for automotive and industrial uses.

3.Product Line Up


  • Xylene Insolubles – 94 to 99.5 wt%.
  • Reactor-made MFR range – fractional to 300 g/10 min products;

Injection Molding, Sheet, Blow Molding, Fiber, Thermoforming, Tape(Raffia), Cast& BOPP Films, Profile Extrusion.

Random Copolymer:

  • Ethylene Content – up to 6 wt% products;

Thin-Walled Injection Molding, Fiber, Low Temp Heat Seal & High Transparency Film, Blow Molding, Medical, Packing Parts.

Impact Copolymer:

  • Reactor-made MFR – fractional to 100 g/10 min products.
  • Reactor-made Rubber Content – up to 60 wt% product;

Injection Molding, Sheet, Blow Molding, Automotive Parts, Appliance, Housewares, Rigid Packaging, Thermoforming.

NEWCON™ [ Advanced R-TPO ]

NEWCON™ is a series of flexible R-TPO products, containing high levels of a precisely designed rubber phase, dispersed in crystalline controlled matrices.

High Performance with Unique & Tailored Rubber Phase Structure

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